How to Pick Travel Bag for your Journey?

As a traveler, you must have often visited airports, roads, railway stations or may be even cruises. Almost we all must have been to many near and far off destinations, thus adding some cherishable clicks to our book of memories.

Travelling comes with planning a perfect trip with your near and dear ones and this further comes with having a perfect and suitable travel bag by your side so that your journey can be really comfortable. Everyone desires for a travel bag that can be light and can be packed smartly. I completely understand that how hard it is to squeeze everything in just a single luggage bag (especially for ladies, ha-ha). To solve this issue, I have tried to provide you with a proper guideline so that you do not get struck with some heavy, bulky or poor quality travel bags.

What & When to Buy?

Whether you are a frequent jet setter or an occasional road traveler, everyone desires for an appropriate solution for their travelling issues. We all are obsessed with travel bags with smart features including plenty of pockets, easy to move wheels, handles or lockable zippers. In order to get access to such needs, it is highly important to first think about the needs of your trip and then choose your travel bag accordingly.

Below are the various options that can be considered before you decide to buy travel bags online:

Trolley Bags: 
Most people plan for long weekends or trips so that they can regenerate their new self. Such trips require an extreme level of comfort in the form of the travel bag being lightweight and spacious. For such International travel or long weekend trips, trolley bags online serves as the best option. These travel bags are loaded with some awesome features including durable wheels, easy to move hands and multiple compartments to take along everything you want.

duffle bags for mens.jpg
Duffle Bags: 
This piece of luggage not only serves as the extra option for travelling, but it can be favorite for the ones who love taking pleasure in enjoying small or short trips. Gone are the days of putting your entire luggage in just one single trolley bag as now you have many available options. A simple duffle bag or a wheeled duffle bag is a great option when it comes to the need of having a lot of space with different compartments and the comfort of wheels. So for an effortless journey, buy duffle bags online.

Backpacks are perfect for a day or two trip. These fit easily on to your backs hence, you do not need to take the burden of rolling them behind you. These have many compartments that allow you to pack your needs in an easy manner.

So what is your need of the hour?


Best & Easy Ways to your Clean Kitchen Appliances

clean kitchen appliances.jpg

Home appliances or Kitchen appliances serve as a great helping hand with the distribution of various household chores. These help us wash our dirty clothes, cook delicious food, serve as a source of entertainment or sometimes make us feel warm and cozy in our homes. Because of this helpful nature, it is mandatory for us to give some special attention to them. This involves taking good care of them so that they can served us for a long time.

We tend to buy home appliances online without taking the burden of visiting the showroom personally and carrying it home; same ways you do not need to take the burden of scorching ways for cleaning them. Below are some of the ways through which you can provide your kitchen appliances the well deserved attention:

  • Oven and Stovetop

Oven is one of the most useful kitchen appliances that we all love to have. Apart from cooking several dishes, most ovens are equipped with self cleaning options. This however serves as the best option for cleaning ovens, but there are few spots including the cream around the door frames or hinges and the crumbs adjusted well between the spacious spaces that are beyond the reach of self cleaning option. Stovetop is also loaded with such messy things which require proper cleaning.

TIPS FOR OVEN: Spots can be wiped off with vinegar or soapy water and the leftover crumbs can be taken out with a little baking soda or a spritz of commercial oven cleaner.

TIPS FOR STOVETOP: In order to make your stovetop a sparkling one, fill your sink with hot and soapy water and soak burners, hood and vents knobs for couple of hours, then scrub them thoroughly for a sparkling shine. You can also use car wax to lessen the amount of sticky messes and splatters over the stovetop.

  • Microwave

Baking delicious food in microwave is loved by all, but cleaning it thoroughly requires some real efforts. However, with the help of some easy cleaning tips this tiring task can be turned to easy one.

TIPS: Fill microwave container with water and heat it till the water boils. Let its steam loosen up the mess stuck over to your microwave and then wipe it off easily.

P.S: Buy solo microwave online and go through its user manual thoroughly before cleaning it with the use of above mentioned tips.

  • Refrigerator

The inside, outside and surrounding of the refrigerator requires proper cleaning. We generally clean this appliance from outside and inside, but we generally ignore the small space behind the refrigerator, which further serves as a host to many dust particles.

TIPS: Pull out the refrigerator and mop it completely from behind and beneath. Now vacuum the coils behind it which will further put less stress on its motor thus, making it live long. For inside and outside cleaning of the appliance, make a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water, which will provide you with a perfect shine.

  • Toaster

This is the most used kitchen appliance that helps us with the quick preparation of our breakfast. This everyday quick service holds an act of courtesy from our end too.

TIPS: Unplug the toaster, pull out its crumb catcher and shake the appliance over the sink to get rid of unwanted food crumbs. Also, make sure to dry it thoroughly before using it again.

Top & Useful Car Accessories To Have

Having an automobile along with a passionate owner will automatically lead to car personalization. He will definitely love to make some comfortable and stylish changes to his car as per his preference. This might have seemed little tough with less options available in earlier times, but with many options available in today’s scenario it is quite easy to get endless options in car accessories. One can buy car accessories online depending upon their desires and thickness of your wallet. Here’s a list of some of the cool car accessories available online:


Car Stereo

This is a must car accessory for every car. Be it doing time pass in a traffic jam, killing stress after a hectic day or enjoying trip with some soothing music tracks can turn into real fun with just a setup of car stereo. You should look out for the one with USB connectivity, USB connectivity, AUX cord connectivity, CD/DVD player and iPod / iPhone connection. This comes in various sizes which further allow you to choose device as per your automobile’s space.


Pillows & Back Cushion Support

Most of us feel uneasy and discomfort during long journeys. It sometimes painful for our back and neck and that’s the reason pillows and back cushion support were introduced. These accessories must be introduced to your automobile so that they can help you out in the long run. These mandatory car accessories provide comfort and ease to your neck and back during long journeys.

Adapters or Car Chargers.jpg

Adapters or Car Chargers

Imagine you are travelling somewhere on your birthday and you run out of your phone’s battery! How will you get your awaited dearest birthday wishes? This issue can be solved with the use of car chargers or adapters. Such car equipment can be connected to your laptops, mobile phones or even ipods. With such accessories in your car, you can be assured about full phone’s battery.

Car Vacuum Cleaner.jpg

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Apart from cleaning your home, it is important to give cleaning sessions to your car too. The compact and small in size, vacuum cleaner can make your task easy and mess free for you. This small device can be plugged into your car connector and tends to clean dust, grains, sand, pet hair and every small unwanted particle present inside your car.

So, do you have them all in your car? If not, then what are you waiting for? Go and get them at discounted prices!

Magical Tips to Avoid Dry Winter Skin


A heavy coat, long boots, warm scarves and cozy gloves are enough to make our body feel protected and warm during winters, but that must not take away from providing the essential care that our skin requires. While taking care of our body, we tend to forget about the ongoing hard battle of our skin with dry winters. The colder months comes with dry winds, itchy skin, low humidity levels, cracked skin, scaly legs and chapped lips. This description is enough to make you visualize the times when your skin used to feel the same. So, this winter do not let your skin go through the same torture with the help of some easy tips that can help your skin make peace with dry winters.

Here are the basic rules for the proper follow up for your regular skin care:

  • Say No to Super Hot Shower

You may feel tempted towards the hot running water in winters, but BEWARE it is not good for your skin! After coming home from cold, it is important to pamper your skin with a warm bath of lukewarm water. The use of extreme hot water removes the natural oil from your skin thus making it feel dry.

  • Moisture your Skin

A warm bath demands after attention for your skin. It is advised to blot yourself completely with a towel after a shower and then immediately moisturize it with a gentle moisturize. In order to trap much needed water within your skin, buy personal care product online and apply it within a few minutes of bathing.

P.S: Ensure to choose a moisturizer or cream that is suitable to your skin type.

  • Exfoliate

We often tend to forget to exfoliate our skin. The coating of dead cells on our skin blocks the path for nourishment and moisturization that can be given through the use of moisturizers and creams. Use of a good exfoliating mask is suggested to use it over your face, lips and hands for getting a smooth, glowing and dead cells free skin.

  • Avoid the use of Toxins and Allergens

Winter skin is more sensitive than our summer skin hence; it needs more attention and care. The use of irritating fabrics, harsh detergents and chemicals loaded cleansers and moisturizers can make your skin feel dry and irritated. It is advised to check for the ingredients of the products before going for its actual purchase.

  • Hydrate from Inside Out

Nourishing from skin outside is not enough, but it needs nourishment from within too. Intake of foods which have high water content can do wonders for your skin. Eating apples, watermelon, oranges, cantaloupe, cucumbers, kiwi, celery, tomatoes, zucchini and carrots can help in making your skin appear smooth and supple from inside out.

The regular follow up of these guidelines can turn your chapped and unhealthy skin into a healthy and glowing one!

Accessories Elevating Men’s Look


Standing by the door and looking at the bedroom door and then the watch constantly is followed by every other married men. This clan of men always keeps wondering why women take so much of time to dress up. Well, the frank answer to this question is that women have much have in their wardrobe, when it comes to fashion and styling. But thank God, in this 21st century, men also have many choices to give a strong competition to women. However, men can’t compete women in variety of clothing options, but they can surely give head-to-head competition in accessorizing themselves in comparison to women.

We all will definitely agree to the fact that looking good involves styling yourself well. There are several options available around men, but the problem is that they actually don’t consider or may be are not aware about them. Here are some of the top fashion accessories for mens online, which every man can have to appear fabulous:


  • Watch

A watch does not only show time, but it also helps in making your wrist look classy. For men, this is only the worth investing hand accessory so, it is advised to invest in a classy piece of a reputed brand. The one with meal straps are the coolest one and you can obviously go for evergreen colors including grey and black.


  • Neck Tie

Tie or bow-tie both are the great options for suiting up your formal look. Neckties however look great when they are chosen carefully. When buying a tie, do not settle for cheap material. Ties made of silk looks classy and suit everyone. This men’s accessory is sure to add more stars to your expensive shirt or formal suit.


  • Scarf

Many men may be living with the fact that scarf are only designed for women, but let me clarify you guys that you are highly mistaken in this aspect. Investing in a high quality scarf can not only elevate your look, but can keep you warm during winters. Guys, you can pair this accessory well with a coat or casual jacket.


  • Belt

Tucking up or locking your classy look an easily be possible with the use of belts. A good and high quality leather belt is like having a basic men’s fashion accessory in your wardrobe. Colors like black and brown can match up with all your outfits and can definitely add a huge difference to your final appearance.


  • Wallet

A wallet is a basic requirement of every man which is utilized to store your important documents and hard earned money. Owning a good quality wallet can however also add a sassy look to your outer shell.

So, what are you waiting for guys? Go and grab your suiting accessory and let your ladies wait besides the bedroom door!

Microwave Daily Use Tips


Cooking and Baking Made Easy


  • Beat eggs with a dash of milk and cheese in a coffee mug, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Stop at half way point to stir.


  • Slice potato 1/8-inch-thick.
  • Arrange in a single layer on a plate.
  • Decrease power level and flip potatoes after each 3 minute burst: cook until crispy.


  • Place 1 heard of garlic on microwave-safe plate. Cloves will slide out of skin.


  • Layer washed, dried, de-stemmed herbs on a paper plate or towel.
  • Flip the leaves every 30 seconds.
  • Takes 2-4 minutes depending on herb.


  • Place in microwave: Skin should be warm to the touch after heating.


  • Trim off the ends of onions.
  • Microwave, remove, and chop.


  • Place a dampened paper towel in the box and close tightly.
  • Microwave box.


  • Microwave, let stand for 2 minutes.
  • When done, peel will slip off.


  • If a recipe calls for soaking/lentils overnight but you forgot, place/lentils in a bowl with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda; submerge with water.
  • Let stand for 30-40 minutes.


  • Wrap bread in damp kitchen towel.
  • Microwave. Repeat until moist.

Life Made Easy

1 copy.jpg

Directions – 1

  • Squeeze and dunk 2 lemon halves into a bowl of water.
  • Microwave: remove bowl when done and immediately wipe down microwave sides.

Directions – 2

  • Place a couple drops of water on stamp; microwave
  • Remove stamp from envelop.

Directions – 3

  • Fill a microwave-safe mug with cold water.
  • Place mug in the container you want to test.
  • It the water is hot and the testing container is cold, it is safe.
  • If the container is hot, it is not safe.


Directions – 1

  • Place 400g soil on a flat dish; microwave 1 minute 30 seconds or until steaming.

Directions – 2

  • Soak in water, wring, and place in microwave.
  • Kills 99% of bacteria.

Directions – 3

  • Rub board with cut side of lemon; microwave.

5 Things You Should Never Microwave


Use these simple microwave hacks to zip and zap through the dullest day-to-day tasks.

Shed away your pain for nicely cooked food. Get a microwave and enjoy cooking & eating.

Tips to Make your Handbag Last for Years

Tips to take care of your handbags

When it comes to taking care of our things, handbags are the most ignored ones. You might be handling or rather showcasing it well throughout the day but at the end it will be allowed to sit “comfortably” under your feet or phone. We all have grown up with the concept that our handbags are durable; hence they do not generally need any kind of care. Thinking on such lines, makes us forget that it is our most trustworthy companion for putting our wallet, sunglasses, pen, hand sanitizer and yeah miscellaneous receipts too. Therefore, it is highly important to take good care of your handbag to avoid is wear and tear in the long run.

Nowadays, we generally buy ladies handbags online, but to maintain them for the long run. Here are few tips that can help you out with the same:

  • Avoid Water & Chemicals

If you really want to enjoy the company of your handbags for a long time, then it is advised to avoid the contact of water and chemicals with it. Applying any sort of chemical or water is a big NO-NO for its long lifespan. If you are going to a pool side or may be a hair salon, make sure to dump them safely in lockers provided before following your schedule.

  • Feed it with Caring Products

Like our body needs antibiotics to protect us from getting hold of any kind of germ or infection; likewise our handbags also need same kind of care and attention. One can use some products to take good care of their handbags. Spraying rain and stain repellent on your handbags regularly not only protects them from the damage, but also ensures to provide it with a new shine. You are only required to apply products like Scotchgard Suede and Nubuck with white clean cotton, followed by a dry cotton cloth to your stuff.

P.S: Test a small patch of such products before going for its regular use.

  • Stuff it Up

In order to maintain the proper shape of your purse for a long time, stuff it with soft materials. Large purse have a lot of storage space, hence they can be stuffed with tissue papers, newspapers or even your sweaters to maintain its actual shape. Make sure to fill it with soft and organic materials only.

  • Store them with Care

Providing care will actually make your handbags last for a long time. Our purses generally come with a dust bag, which we generally tend to throw off. But, it can actually serve as a great tool for protecting your handbag when they are out of your use. Keeping it protected within them helps in maintaining the quality of its stuff for long time.

P.S: You can use your old pillow covers, in case you do not have a dust bag.

This is the case, when we are not using them, but how can we care for them in the regular usage? This problem can easily be treated with a simple solution! To avoid the wear and tear of your handbag, it is advised to keep them over a shelf or flat edge. This will avoid it from stretching its handles or any accidental spills.

  • Use Clean Hands

The one major rule for protecting your branded handbag is to use it with clean hands. The oil and dirt accumulated in your hands can be the cause of big damage to your innocent handbag. Sometimes, such inside forces serve as the biggest culprit for you precious handbags rather than the outside ones.

So, take care of your handbag to have its company for a long time!

Unknown Facts about Power Banks


Being digital comes with the disadvantage of doing every single thing over your smartphone. From shopping to banking, we are completely dependent on the use of our Internet loaded smartphones for everything. This excessive pressure on our hard working smartphones ultimately results in its battery drainage. That’s where the use of Power Banks comes in!

Imagine you are doing something very important over your phone and the phone runs out of battery. BOOM! This will definitely hamper your work and to avoid this unwanted situation, an ‘extra dosage’ of battery is highly required. Power banks are serving as the option of extra dosage to this need. As there are enormous options for the fulfillment of this need, hence it is important to pick the best one out of many.

P.S: Before buying power banks online, it is important to discover every minute detail about this useful and convenient device.

Here are some the facts about power banks which have been unseen and unheard by your senses…

The Capacity Power

Power banks are available in different sizes, colors, shapes and power capacities. The mAh frequency is the determining power factor of power banks which tells the required energy of this device. In short, the more mAh the power bank is loaded with, the more is the energy output. So, in case, you want your phone to be fully charged, then you must opt for a more mAh power device.

mAh and Wh Misconception

There are many misconceptions between mAh and Wh features. You will be shocked to know that mAh does not refer to milliamps, but it is a term for mill-ampere hour! Likewise, Wh does not stand for just Watt, but it is about the Watt-Hour. As per this conception, the electric charge of the power bank can be determined by going through its listed mAh. In short,

Electric charge of the power bank = Mill-ampere hour =watt hour x 1000/V

The Line of Divergence between Good and Average

You know what; there is a difference between good and average power banks! The good ones are available in real capacity while the average ones are sold in marked capacity. That is the sole reason why you can charge more with the use of good power bank despite having a lower capacity.

Not all Shown is Retained

The power transferred also requires some kind of power to operate. In general, almost 40% of the energy is used to transfer energy to your device. This eventually means that a power bank with a capacity of 2,200mAh will not be able to transfer that 2,200mAh completely to your device, but it will grasp 40% of its power for its own smooth operation.

Extreme Temperatures = Reduced Lifespan

The maximum charge capacity of a power bank will go down, if it is exposed to too much heat. The cold conditions cause material to shrink, which will then expand when heated up. On other hand, you can lose more than half of its charge capacity on exposing it to high temperatures.

So, do consider these facts while buying or using a Power Bank!

Importance of Educational Toys


Childhood was the best days of one’s life. These hold a special place in everyone’s phase of life. Being as toddlers, we always dream of roaming here and there with our toys. We never felt the need of doing anything else other than playing and gaining attention from our elders. But, things have changed a lot now.

In this advanced and competitive world, children are influenced towards their development and growth from their school age only. Educational toys plays a vital role in making children learn, grow and get hold of new skills and abilities everyday. These are not just the play things, but hold much more importance than you actually think.

Benefits of Educational Toys

Educational toys help with the development of skills during the formative years of children. More your child plays with these toys, more likely he is to make his brain’s neural pathways stronger. Learning toys helps with the development of physical abilities, mental skills and language skills of your child. Here a brighter light to this concept:

  • Educational toys motivate learning while playing.
  • These toys contribute towards development of a healthy brain of kids.
  • Learning toys help in utilizing kid’s common sense and thinking, thus making them achieve a defined goal.
  • These toys provide children with various opportunities to try out some new and innovative ideas.
  • Educational toys encourage discovery and curiosity, thus promoting exploration and creative thinking in children.

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About Educational Toys…

Learning becomes fun when combined with playing. Children can learn solving problems while playing and this can happen only with Educational Toys. Such toys & games are available online which further ensures their easy availability. Below are some of the toys that encourage kids to think independently and search for solutions through their own playing experiences.

  • Fraction Action Board

It is a wooden board which is embossed with different geometrical shapes. This board is all about applying mind, sorting out things, finding the right piece and then putting them all together to make an appropriate shape. Each shape of this game comes in a whole piece, two-piece fractions and three-piece fractions. The challenge is to arrange these shapes with your intelligence.

  • Smartivity EDGE Let’s Learn 1,2,3

This learning tool is loaded with augmented reality enabled 3D coloring sheets. These sheets feature numbers from 1 to 10 that are further represented by many cute characters.  Once the kids have colored the sheets, they can have fun by using the Free Smartivity Edge app to scan the sheet. This will further bring the characters to 3D vision.

  • Puzzles

Playing and growing up with puzzles is actually fun for kids. These help children in building their reasoning and cognitive skills. Puzzles help in challenging kid’s mind, making them enable to think and search for appropriate solutions. The best part about this game is that it is available in different forms, shapes and comes in wide range of age limits.

Such toys help in building on to the imaginations of kids, thus encouraging their logical thinking and best personality!

Powder, Liquid or Cream Foundation: Which is the Best One?


Some appear flaky, some oily while some just make it dry…Yeah, I am talking about the final appearance of foundations on our skin! Be it powder, liquid or cream foundation, I am sure, you must have tried on to each and everything to figure out the dilemma of which is actually best suited for your skin. With the help of exactly perfect designed skin color foundations, it is not that much tough to pick up your desired need. However, picking on to the right foundation as per your skin type and personal preference is like an endless search of finding a needle in a haystack. But now, you don’t have to scratch your head while looking for the suitable personal care products online as we offer a skin guide for the different types of foundations available.

Some Tips & Recommendations on Types of Foundations

Before going for the selection of powder, liquid or cream foundation, it is important to clear doubts about your skin type. An oily skin must avoid the use of liquid and cream foundations as these will add on to the layers of oil over your skin; a dry skin must however go for the use of cream and liquid foundations as these will help in moisturizing your skin layers and; a combination skin can switch to any type of foundation, as per their need.

Now, coming back to the types of foundations…

  • Powder Foundation

This kind of foundation consists of mineral or non-mineral foundation. This type gives a lightweight feel and is extremely easy to apply. It also works towards reducing the shiny finish of your skin base.

Suitable Skin Types – This type of foundation is best suited for people with oily skin as it will avoid the add-on of more oily layers to your skin. It will let your skin breathe a little, thus saving you from oiling up throughout the day.

Application’s Best Way – Using a Buffer Brush serves as the best option for its application. You just need to press down the brush on your face and swirl it round over the skin layer. This step must be repeated everytime for the perfect flawless finish.

  • Liquid Foundation

This type is usually available in screw or pumps top bottles which contain thicker and lighter syrups. These offer a Satin or satin-matte finish to your skin. The best ones of this kind tend to hydrate your skin without being greasy. The liquid foundations however offer the most natural and flawless finish on your skin.

Suitable Skin Types – The most suitable skin type to try out this type of foundation is dry and combination skin. However, it is not restricted for people with these skin types, but it can also be used by people with oily skin. They are only required to set it up with the final touch up of face powder for oil-free makeup.

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Application’s Best Way – The best way to apply liquid foundation is to opt for the use of paddle brush or a synthetic buffer foundation brush. Pour some of the foundation onto the back of your hand and then load some of the foundation in the brush and apply it in short strokes on your face. Lastly, finish it off with a face powder. It is advised to use synthetic brush instead of natural hair brush for proper finish.

  • Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are the thicker foundations which usually come in pot or stick form. These are really thick and creamy in texture. These are basically known for their perfect skin coverage and moisturizing properties.

Suitable Skin Types – These are best suited for dry skin types. It forms a moisturizing layer over your skin and makes your skin feel soft and moisturized even after makeup.

Application’s Best Way – Always use a synthetic powder brush for its application or apply it with your own fingers. Spread the foundation over your skin with the fingers or brush using the ‘dap-dap’ technique. You can get the perfect finish using the sponge afterwards.

Well, now you do not have to get confused looking at the shelves holding too many foundations. Just pick up your best suited one and you can thank me later for this one!