India’s Only Online Barter Marketplace:

KashMate is India’s only networking marketplace for online barter of products viz. Hospitality, F&B, Business Services, Electronic items, Home Improvements, Gifting options and many more.

Online Barter Marketplace

“KashMate is a people-powered store. We aim to bring barter back. KashMate is a revolutionary service aimed at helping us all save cash on purchases (by enabling us to buy by paying in kind instead of cash) and liquidating/disposing things that are lying unused or not needed. Now, this fulfils many purposes like saving cash, time and also users get to meet new people over barter. For the time being, our target is only for the categories mentioned above but our vision is to create online barter marketplace for each & everything including services.

KashMate is driven by a talented team of professionals who deeply understand the business of cashless market places and have previously helped large MNC’s and businesses transact save millions of rupees in cash purchases and liquidate inventories.

Increasing Internet penetration and growing preference for shopping online will drive the e-commerce market in India to USD 15 billion by 2016 with a whopping 100 million people going online to shop, as per tech giant Google. Compared to 8 million in 2012, about 35 million people are now buying everything from apparel to electronics to cosmetics and furniture from online stores. The primary sales shall definitely convert into barter or exchange platform because of many reasons like technology up-gradation, socio economic factors and many more.

It’s time to barter, because “Barter Hai Better” log on to


Appropriate Combinations for your Shirts and Ties

Carrying a perfect combination of shirt and tie is an art, which is known to very few. While some know how to perfectly pull off a shirt and tie together, while others just stand in front of their closet, close their eyes and pick out what their fingers point at. These poor chaps are devoid of the proper understanding and appropriate choices. Out of various shirts and mens necktie online, it is tough to choose the best combo among them. In order to provide a helping hand to such individuals, below is a helping guide for the same:

Shirts and Ties

8 Trendy Ways to Tie a Necktie

Most of the men are not blessed with the skills of tying our own neckties. We are either dependent on someone else or the shopkeeper from where we have purchased one. In other words, it can be clearly summarized that the men clan are happy to use one tie knot throughout their entire life and hence doesn’t like to experiment things, especially a TIE KNOT!

Well, we are not here to make you live with this existing boring fact, but we would love you to try out new ways of tying a mens necktie online. Here you go!


Top 4 Best Selling Fitness Watches in India 2017

Enjoy your hectic days with extra energy, and strength using fitness bands. If you get a chance to see how many steps you are taking daily, or how many calories you burnt, we’re sure you will be motivated to push yourself a little more. So for healthy and fit life style KashMate decided to track down the best fitness bands that are easily available and most reasonably priced. We hope that they can help you burn calories without burning a hole in your pocket.


History of Kitchen Appliances

The history of kitchen appliances. By definition, are appliances designed for the smooth working of kitchen activities. Kitchen devices operate with the help of electricity or gas. Kitchen appliances were used to make life more smoother and easier. Kitchen items are in demand because of increase in income and changing lifestyles of people and people are still working to make changes in designs and style. Easy and useful devices are the need of a comman man, which is the reason of the development of efficient and modern appliances.


How to Pick Right Handbag as per your Body Type

Right Handbag as per your Body Type.jpg
It is believed that if given the right thing in their hands, women can make the best use out of it. This clan of human race is generally considered the smart buyer, when it comes to buying things for themselves and their family. However, little more guiding steps in this direction can do wonders to their inherited skills.

Handbags are the ongoing trend of every season. Not only they carry your essentials, but they also tend to uplift your dressing sense. We generally buy wallet and handbags online without doing much research over it as for most of us it’s all about looking nice. But the bottom line is that some handbags are functional, while some are stylish and the rest are economical. In the middle of this entire web, we tend to forgot to look for a handbag that suits to our body type; the one that builds a perfect relationship between your appearance and the style.

Handbag Fit for your Body Type

We all love to make our tasks as simpler as possible; hence we generally opt for the bags that are stylish in looks. However, there’s a proper guide to various handbags for different body types:

  • Petite
    Despite of the trends followed by Hollywood celebs, it is to clearly mark that OVERSIZED BAGS ARE NOT FOR SMALL WOMEN. Large bags tend to make your figure look overwhelmed. People with such frames, must avoid the use of shoulder bags with long straps as these makes one look shorter by weighing you down. Instead, short and petite women must opt for small handbags to appear taller.
  • Thin & Tall
    Women with such figure tend to look fabulous with a short and slouchy shaped handbag, like the hobo one. It is advised to go for bags that are wider in size like may be a clutch. Shoulder bags with short straps can make you look even taller, so avoid them. You can look best with large, oversized and midsize styled bags.
  • Plus Size
    Despite of enormous Hi-Design bags online, this category needs to think on broader lines before buying a right handbag or wallet. Carrying a small bag must be strictly avoided by them as this highlights their curves and makes them look bigger and fatter. Handbags with longer straps can be chosen to avert attention from the body.

Also, before giving a final verdict on your choice, make sure to try it out before a mirror so as to avoid the further clashes with your own choice. But in case, you are opting for online comfort then you always have the return policy, so do not worry! Everyone has different taste and preferences while buying carlton london bags online, but do not forget to consider your body needs too along with this decision.

How to Pick Travel Bag for your Journey?

As a traveler, you must have often visited airports, roads, railway stations or may be even cruises. Almost we all must have been to many near and far off destinations, thus adding some cherishable clicks to our book of memories.

Travelling comes with planning a perfect trip with your near and dear ones and this further comes with having a perfect and suitable travel bag by your side so that your journey can be really comfortable. Everyone desires for a travel bag that can be light and can be packed smartly. I completely understand that how hard it is to squeeze everything in just a single luggage bag (especially for ladies, ha-ha). To solve this issue, I have tried to provide you with a proper guideline so that you do not get struck with some heavy, bulky or poor quality travel bags.

What & When to Buy?

Whether you are a frequent jet setter or an occasional road traveler, everyone desires for an appropriate solution for their travelling issues. We all are obsessed with travel bags with smart features including plenty of pockets, easy to move wheels, handles or lockable zippers. In order to get access to such needs, it is highly important to first think about the needs of your trip and then choose your travel bag accordingly.

Below are the various options that can be considered before you decide to buy travel bags online:

Trolley Bags: 
Most people plan for long weekends or trips so that they can regenerate their new self. Such trips require an extreme level of comfort in the form of the travel bag being lightweight and spacious. For such International travel or long weekend trips, trolley bags online serves as the best option. These travel bags are loaded with some awesome features including durable wheels, easy to move hands and multiple compartments to take along everything you want.

duffle bags for mens.jpg
Duffle Bags: 
This piece of luggage not only serves as the extra option for travelling, but it can be favorite for the ones who love taking pleasure in enjoying small or short trips. Gone are the days of putting your entire luggage in just one single trolley bag as now you have many available options. A simple duffle bag or a wheeled duffle bag is a great option when it comes to the need of having a lot of space with different compartments and the comfort of wheels. So for an effortless journey, buy duffle bags online.

Backpacks are perfect for a day or two trip. These fit easily on to your backs hence, you do not need to take the burden of rolling them behind you. These have many compartments that allow you to pack your needs in an easy manner.

So what is your need of the hour?

Best & Easy Ways to your Clean Kitchen Appliances

clean kitchen appliances.jpg

Home appliances or Kitchen appliances serve as a great helping hand with the distribution of various household chores. These help us wash our dirty clothes, cook delicious food, serve as a source of entertainment or sometimes make us feel warm and cozy in our homes. Because of this helpful nature, it is mandatory for us to give some special attention to them. This involves taking good care of them so that they can served us for a long time.

We tend to buy home appliances online without taking the burden of visiting the showroom personally and carrying it home; same ways you do not need to take the burden of scorching ways for cleaning them. Below are some of the ways through which you can provide your kitchen appliances the well deserved attention:

  • Oven and Stovetop

Oven is one of the most useful kitchen appliances that we all love to have. Apart from cooking several dishes, most ovens are equipped with self cleaning options. This however serves as the best option for cleaning ovens, but there are few spots including the cream around the door frames or hinges and the crumbs adjusted well between the spacious spaces that are beyond the reach of self cleaning option. Stovetop is also loaded with such messy things which require proper cleaning.

TIPS FOR OVEN: Spots can be wiped off with vinegar or soapy water and the leftover crumbs can be taken out with a little baking soda or a spritz of commercial oven cleaner.

TIPS FOR STOVETOP: In order to make your stovetop a sparkling one, fill your sink with hot and soapy water and soak burners, hood and vents knobs for couple of hours, then scrub them thoroughly for a sparkling shine. You can also use car wax to lessen the amount of sticky messes and splatters over the stovetop.

  • Microwave

Baking delicious food in microwave is loved by all, but cleaning it thoroughly requires some real efforts. However, with the help of some easy cleaning tips this tiring task can be turned to easy one.

TIPS: Fill microwave container with water and heat it till the water boils. Let its steam loosen up the mess stuck over to your microwave and then wipe it off easily.

P.S: Buy solo microwave online and go through its user manual thoroughly before cleaning it with the use of above mentioned tips.

  • Refrigerator

The inside, outside and surrounding of the refrigerator requires proper cleaning. We generally clean this appliance from outside and inside, but we generally ignore the small space behind the refrigerator, which further serves as a host to many dust particles.

TIPS: Pull out the refrigerator and mop it completely from behind and beneath. Now vacuum the coils behind it which will further put less stress on its motor thus, making it live long. For inside and outside cleaning of the appliance, make a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water, which will provide you with a perfect shine.

  • Toaster

This is the most used kitchen appliance that helps us with the quick preparation of our breakfast. This everyday quick service holds an act of courtesy from our end too.

TIPS: Unplug the toaster, pull out its crumb catcher and shake the appliance over the sink to get rid of unwanted food crumbs. Also, make sure to dry it thoroughly before using it again.

Top & Useful Car Accessories To Have

Having an automobile along with a passionate owner will automatically lead to car personalization. He will definitely love to make some comfortable and stylish changes to his car as per his preference. This might have seemed little tough with less options available in earlier times, but with many options available in today’s scenario it is quite easy to get endless options in car accessories. One can buy car accessories online depending upon their desires and thickness of your wallet. Here’s a list of some of the cool car accessories available online:


Car Stereo

This is a must car accessory for every car. Be it doing time pass in a traffic jam, killing stress after a hectic day or enjoying trip with some soothing music tracks can turn into real fun with just a setup of car stereo. You should look out for the one with USB connectivity, USB connectivity, AUX cord connectivity, CD/DVD player and iPod / iPhone connection. This comes in various sizes which further allow you to choose device as per your automobile’s space.


Pillows & Back Cushion Support

Most of us feel uneasy and discomfort during long journeys. It sometimes painful for our back and neck and that’s the reason pillows and back cushion support were introduced. These accessories must be introduced to your automobile so that they can help you out in the long run. These mandatory car accessories provide comfort and ease to your neck and back during long journeys.

Adapters or Car Chargers.jpg

Adapters or Car Chargers

Imagine you are travelling somewhere on your birthday and you run out of your phone’s battery! How will you get your awaited dearest birthday wishes? This issue can be solved with the use of car chargers or adapters. Such car equipment can be connected to your laptops, mobile phones or even ipods. With such accessories in your car, you can be assured about full phone’s battery.

Car Vacuum Cleaner.jpg

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Apart from cleaning your home, it is important to give cleaning sessions to your car too. The compact and small in size, vacuum cleaner can make your task easy and mess free for you. This small device can be plugged into your car connector and tends to clean dust, grains, sand, pet hair and every small unwanted particle present inside your car.

So, do you have them all in your car? If not, then what are you waiting for? Go and get them at discounted prices!