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It is believed that if given the right thing in their hands, women can make the best use out of it. This clan of human race is generally considered the smart buyer, when it comes to buying things for themselves and their family. However, little more guiding steps in this direction can do wonders to their inherited skills.

Handbags are the ongoing trend of every season. Not only they carry your essentials, but they also tend to uplift your dressing sense. We generally buy wallet and handbags online without doing much research over it as for most of us it’s all about looking nice. But the bottom line is that some handbags are functional, while some are stylish and the rest are economical. In the middle of this entire web, we tend to forgot to look for a handbag that suits to our body type; the one that builds a perfect relationship between your appearance and the style.

Handbag Fit for your Body Type

We all love to make our tasks as simpler as possible; hence we generally opt for the bags that are stylish in looks. However, there’s a proper guide to various handbags for different body types:

  • Petite
    Despite of the trends followed by Hollywood celebs, it is to clearly mark that OVERSIZED BAGS ARE NOT FOR SMALL WOMEN. Large bags tend to make your figure look overwhelmed. People with such frames, must avoid the use of shoulder bags with long straps as these makes one look shorter by weighing you down. Instead, short and petite women must opt for small handbags to appear taller.
  • Thin & Tall
    Women with such figure tend to look fabulous with a short and slouchy shaped handbag, like the hobo one. It is advised to go for bags that are wider in size like may be a clutch. Shoulder bags with short straps can make you look even taller, so avoid them. You can look best with large, oversized and midsize styled bags.
  • Plus Size
    Despite of enormous Hi-Design bags online, this category needs to think on broader lines before buying a right handbag or wallet. Carrying a small bag must be strictly avoided by them as this highlights their curves and makes them look bigger and fatter. Handbags with longer straps can be chosen to avert attention from the body.

Also, before giving a final verdict on your choice, make sure to try it out before a mirror so as to avoid the further clashes with your own choice. But in case, you are opting for online comfort then you always have the return policy, so do not worry! Everyone has different taste and preferences while buying carlton london bags online, but do not forget to consider your body needs too along with this decision.


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