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Home appliances or Kitchen appliances serve as a great helping hand with the distribution of various household chores. These help us wash our dirty clothes, cook delicious food, serve as a source of entertainment or sometimes make us feel warm and cozy in our homes. Because of this helpful nature, it is mandatory for us to give some special attention to them. This involves taking good care of them so that they can served us for a long time.

We tend to buy home appliances online without taking the burden of visiting the showroom personally and carrying it home; same ways you do not need to take the burden of scorching ways for cleaning them. Below are some of the ways through which you can provide your kitchen appliances the well deserved attention:

  • Oven and Stovetop

Oven is one of the most useful kitchen appliances that we all love to have. Apart from cooking several dishes, most ovens are equipped with self cleaning options. This however serves as the best option for cleaning ovens, but there are few spots including the cream around the door frames or hinges and the crumbs adjusted well between the spacious spaces that are beyond the reach of self cleaning option. Stovetop is also loaded with such messy things which require proper cleaning.

TIPS FOR OVEN: Spots can be wiped off with vinegar or soapy water and the leftover crumbs can be taken out with a little baking soda or a spritz of commercial oven cleaner.

TIPS FOR STOVETOP: In order to make your stovetop a sparkling one, fill your sink with hot and soapy water and soak burners, hood and vents knobs for couple of hours, then scrub them thoroughly for a sparkling shine. You can also use car wax to lessen the amount of sticky messes and splatters over the stovetop.

  • Microwave

Baking delicious food in microwave is loved by all, but cleaning it thoroughly requires some real efforts. However, with the help of some easy cleaning tips this tiring task can be turned to easy one.

TIPS: Fill microwave container with water and heat it till the water boils. Let its steam loosen up the mess stuck over to your microwave and then wipe it off easily.

P.S: Buy solo microwave online and go through its user manual thoroughly before cleaning it with the use of above mentioned tips.

  • Refrigerator

The inside, outside and surrounding of the refrigerator requires proper cleaning. We generally clean this appliance from outside and inside, but we generally ignore the small space behind the refrigerator, which further serves as a host to many dust particles.

TIPS: Pull out the refrigerator and mop it completely from behind and beneath. Now vacuum the coils behind it which will further put less stress on its motor thus, making it live long. For inside and outside cleaning of the appliance, make a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water, which will provide you with a perfect shine.

  • Toaster

This is the most used kitchen appliance that helps us with the quick preparation of our breakfast. This everyday quick service holds an act of courtesy from our end too.

TIPS: Unplug the toaster, pull out its crumb catcher and shake the appliance over the sink to get rid of unwanted food crumbs. Also, make sure to dry it thoroughly before using it again.


One thought on “Best & Easy Ways to your Clean Kitchen Appliances

  1. Maintaining cleanliness and maintaining kitchen equipment is an important thing to do. people try to keep the kitchen clean every day, ranging from cleaning food crumbs and liquid spills to wipe the stove after each use. cleaning the cooking utensils in the kitchen for us to get healthy and free from bacteria. not only that, choosing a cookware for us should also be more careful because there are many unhealthy ingredients for our food.

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