Standing by the door and looking at the bedroom door and then the watch constantly is followed by every other married men. This clan of men always keeps wondering why women take so much of time to dress up. Well, the frank answer to this question is that women have much have in their wardrobe, when it comes to fashion and styling. But thank God, in this 21st century, men also have many choices to give a strong competition to women. However, men can’t compete women in variety of clothing options, but they can surely give head-to-head competition in accessorizing themselves in comparison to women.

We all will definitely agree to the fact that looking good involves styling yourself well. There are several options available around men, but the problem is that they actually don’t consider or may be are not aware about them. Here are some of the top fashion accessories for mens online, which every man can have to appear fabulous:


  • Watch

A watch does not only show time, but it also helps in making your wrist look classy. For men, this is only the worth investing hand accessory so, it is advised to invest in a classy piece of a reputed brand. The one with meal straps are the coolest one and you can obviously go for evergreen colors including grey and black.


  • Neck Tie

Tie or bow-tie both are the great options for suiting up your formal look. Neckties however look great when they are chosen carefully. When buying a tie, do not settle for cheap material. Ties made of silk looks classy and suit everyone. This men’s accessory is sure to add more stars to your expensive shirt or formal suit.


  • Scarf

Many men may be living with the fact that scarf are only designed for women, but let me clarify you guys that you are highly mistaken in this aspect. Investing in a high quality scarf can not only elevate your look, but can keep you warm during winters. Guys, you can pair this accessory well with a coat or casual jacket.


  • Belt

Tucking up or locking your classy look an easily be possible with the use of belts. A good and high quality leather belt is like having a basic men’s fashion accessory in your wardrobe. Colors like black and brown can match up with all your outfits and can definitely add a huge difference to your final appearance.


  • Wallet

A wallet is a basic requirement of every man which is utilized to store your important documents and hard earned money. Owning a good quality wallet can however also add a sassy look to your outer shell.

So, what are you waiting for guys? Go and grab your suiting accessory and let your ladies wait besides the bedroom door!


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