Tips to take care of your handbags

When it comes to taking care of our things, handbags are the most ignored ones. You might be handling or rather showcasing it well throughout the day but at the end it will be allowed to sit “comfortably” under your feet or phone. We all have grown up with the concept that our handbags are durable; hence they do not generally need any kind of care. Thinking on such lines, makes us forget that it is our most trustworthy companion for putting our wallet, sunglasses, pen, hand sanitizer and yeah miscellaneous receipts too. Therefore, it is highly important to take good care of your handbag to avoid is wear and tear in the long run.

Nowadays, we generally buy ladies handbags online, but to maintain them for the long run. Here are few tips that can help you out with the same:

  • Avoid Water & Chemicals

If you really want to enjoy the company of your handbags for a long time, then it is advised to avoid the contact of water and chemicals with it. Applying any sort of chemical or water is a big NO-NO for its long lifespan. If you are going to a pool side or may be a hair salon, make sure to dump them safely in lockers provided before following your schedule.

  • Feed it with Caring Products

Like our body needs antibiotics to protect us from getting hold of any kind of germ or infection; likewise our handbags also need same kind of care and attention. One can use some products to take good care of their handbags. Spraying rain and stain repellent on your handbags regularly not only protects them from the damage, but also ensures to provide it with a new shine. You are only required to apply products like Scotchgard Suede and Nubuck with white clean cotton, followed by a dry cotton cloth to your stuff.

P.S: Test a small patch of such products before going for its regular use.

  • Stuff it Up

In order to maintain the proper shape of your purse for a long time, stuff it with soft materials. Large purse have a lot of storage space, hence they can be stuffed with tissue papers, newspapers or even your sweaters to maintain its actual shape. Make sure to fill it with soft and organic materials only.

  • Store them with Care

Providing care will actually make your handbags last for a long time. Our purses generally come with a dust bag, which we generally tend to throw off. But, it can actually serve as a great tool for protecting your handbag when they are out of your use. Keeping it protected within them helps in maintaining the quality of its stuff for long time.

P.S: You can use your old pillow covers, in case you do not have a dust bag.

This is the case, when we are not using them, but how can we care for them in the regular usage? This problem can easily be treated with a simple solution! To avoid the wear and tear of your handbag, it is advised to keep them over a shelf or flat edge. This will avoid it from stretching its handles or any accidental spills.

  • Use Clean Hands

The one major rule for protecting your branded handbag is to use it with clean hands. The oil and dirt accumulated in your hands can be the cause of big damage to your innocent handbag. Sometimes, such inside forces serve as the biggest culprit for you precious handbags rather than the outside ones.

So, take care of your handbag to have its company for a long time!


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