Being digital comes with the disadvantage of doing every single thing over your smartphone. From shopping to banking, we are completely dependent on the use of our Internet loaded smartphones for everything. This excessive pressure on our hard working smartphones ultimately results in its battery drainage. That’s where the use of Power Banks comes in!

Imagine you are doing something very important over your phone and the phone runs out of battery. BOOM! This will definitely hamper your work and to avoid this unwanted situation, an ‘extra dosage’ of battery is highly required. Power banks are serving as the option of extra dosage to this need. As there are enormous options for the fulfillment of this need, hence it is important to pick the best one out of many.

P.S: Before buying power banks online, it is important to discover every minute detail about this useful and convenient device.

Here are some the facts about power banks which have been unseen and unheard by your senses…

The Capacity Power

Power banks are available in different sizes, colors, shapes and power capacities. The mAh frequency is the determining power factor of power banks which tells the required energy of this device. In short, the more mAh the power bank is loaded with, the more is the energy output. So, in case, you want your phone to be fully charged, then you must opt for a more mAh power device.

mAh and Wh Misconception

There are many misconceptions between mAh and Wh features. You will be shocked to know that mAh does not refer to milliamps, but it is a term for mill-ampere hour! Likewise, Wh does not stand for just Watt, but it is about the Watt-Hour. As per this conception, the electric charge of the power bank can be determined by going through its listed mAh. In short,

Electric charge of the power bank = Mill-ampere hour =watt hour x 1000/V

The Line of Divergence between Good and Average

You know what; there is a difference between good and average power banks! The good ones are available in real capacity while the average ones are sold in marked capacity. That is the sole reason why you can charge more with the use of good power bank despite having a lower capacity.

Not all Shown is Retained

The power transferred also requires some kind of power to operate. In general, almost 40% of the energy is used to transfer energy to your device. This eventually means that a power bank with a capacity of 2,200mAh will not be able to transfer that 2,200mAh completely to your device, but it will grasp 40% of its power for its own smooth operation.

Extreme Temperatures = Reduced Lifespan

The maximum charge capacity of a power bank will go down, if it is exposed to too much heat. The cold conditions cause material to shrink, which will then expand when heated up. On other hand, you can lose more than half of its charge capacity on exposing it to high temperatures.

So, do consider these facts while buying or using a Power Bank!


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