Childhood was the best days of one’s life. These hold a special place in everyone’s phase of life. Being as toddlers, we always dream of roaming here and there with our toys. We never felt the need of doing anything else other than playing and gaining attention from our elders. But, things have changed a lot now.

In this advanced and competitive world, children are influenced towards their development and growth from their school age only. Educational toys plays a vital role in making children learn, grow and get hold of new skills and abilities everyday. These are not just the play things, but hold much more importance than you actually think.

Benefits of Educational Toys

Educational toys help with the development of skills during the formative years of children. More your child plays with these toys, more likely he is to make his brain’s neural pathways stronger. Learning toys helps with the development of physical abilities, mental skills and language skills of your child. Here a brighter light to this concept:

  • Educational toys motivate learning while playing.
  • These toys contribute towards development of a healthy brain of kids.
  • Learning toys help in utilizing kid’s common sense and thinking, thus making them achieve a defined goal.
  • These toys provide children with various opportunities to try out some new and innovative ideas.
  • Educational toys encourage discovery and curiosity, thus promoting exploration and creative thinking in children.

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About Educational Toys…

Learning becomes fun when combined with playing. Children can learn solving problems while playing and this can happen only with Educational Toys. Such toys & games are available online which further ensures their easy availability. Below are some of the toys that encourage kids to think independently and search for solutions through their own playing experiences.

  • Fraction Action Board

It is a wooden board which is embossed with different geometrical shapes. This board is all about applying mind, sorting out things, finding the right piece and then putting them all together to make an appropriate shape. Each shape of this game comes in a whole piece, two-piece fractions and three-piece fractions. The challenge is to arrange these shapes with your intelligence.

  • Smartivity EDGE Let’s Learn 1,2,3

This learning tool is loaded with augmented reality enabled 3D coloring sheets. These sheets feature numbers from 1 to 10 that are further represented by many cute characters.  Once the kids have colored the sheets, they can have fun by using the Free Smartivity Edge app to scan the sheet. This will further bring the characters to 3D vision.

  • Puzzles

Playing and growing up with puzzles is actually fun for kids. These help children in building their reasoning and cognitive skills. Puzzles help in challenging kid’s mind, making them enable to think and search for appropriate solutions. The best part about this game is that it is available in different forms, shapes and comes in wide range of age limits.

Such toys help in building on to the imaginations of kids, thus encouraging their logical thinking and best personality!


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