Some appear flaky, some oily while some just make it dry…Yeah, I am talking about the final appearance of foundations on our skin! Be it powder, liquid or cream foundation, I am sure, you must have tried on to each and everything to figure out the dilemma of which is actually best suited for your skin. With the help of exactly perfect designed skin color foundations, it is not that much tough to pick up your desired need. However, picking on to the right foundation as per your skin type and personal preference is like an endless search of finding a needle in a haystack. But now, you don’t have to scratch your head while looking for the suitable personal care products online as we offer a skin guide for the different types of foundations available.

Some Tips & Recommendations on Types of Foundations

Before going for the selection of powder, liquid or cream foundation, it is important to clear doubts about your skin type. An oily skin must avoid the use of liquid and cream foundations as these will add on to the layers of oil over your skin; a dry skin must however go for the use of cream and liquid foundations as these will help in moisturizing your skin layers and; a combination skin can switch to any type of foundation, as per their need.

Now, coming back to the types of foundations…

  • Powder Foundation

This kind of foundation consists of mineral or non-mineral foundation. This type gives a lightweight feel and is extremely easy to apply. It also works towards reducing the shiny finish of your skin base.

Suitable Skin Types – This type of foundation is best suited for people with oily skin as it will avoid the add-on of more oily layers to your skin. It will let your skin breathe a little, thus saving you from oiling up throughout the day.

Application’s Best Way – Using a Buffer Brush serves as the best option for its application. You just need to press down the brush on your face and swirl it round over the skin layer. This step must be repeated everytime for the perfect flawless finish.

  • Liquid Foundation

This type is usually available in screw or pumps top bottles which contain thicker and lighter syrups. These offer a Satin or satin-matte finish to your skin. The best ones of this kind tend to hydrate your skin without being greasy. The liquid foundations however offer the most natural and flawless finish on your skin.

Suitable Skin Types – The most suitable skin type to try out this type of foundation is dry and combination skin. However, it is not restricted for people with these skin types, but it can also be used by people with oily skin. They are only required to set it up with the final touch up of face powder for oil-free makeup.

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Application’s Best Way – The best way to apply liquid foundation is to opt for the use of paddle brush or a synthetic buffer foundation brush. Pour some of the foundation onto the back of your hand and then load some of the foundation in the brush and apply it in short strokes on your face. Lastly, finish it off with a face powder. It is advised to use synthetic brush instead of natural hair brush for proper finish.

  • Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are the thicker foundations which usually come in pot or stick form. These are really thick and creamy in texture. These are basically known for their perfect skin coverage and moisturizing properties.

Suitable Skin Types – These are best suited for dry skin types. It forms a moisturizing layer over your skin and makes your skin feel soft and moisturized even after makeup.

Application’s Best Way – Always use a synthetic powder brush for its application or apply it with your own fingers. Spread the foundation over your skin with the fingers or brush using the ‘dap-dap’ technique. You can get the perfect finish using the sponge afterwards.

Well, now you do not have to get confused looking at the shelves holding too many foundations. Just pick up your best suited one and you can thank me later for this one!


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