Compare your hair in any of your old snap with your current hair state…I am sure you will try to notice the much visible difference! Admit it – we all chase after hair styling products to get that perfect good hair day look everyday. Our mistakes including hair coloring, hair straightening, hair curling, hair highlighting, brushing hair harshly and many more serve as the main causes of our hair damage.  The things just don’t settle over here as there are many other causes that feed on to this issue:

  • Cosmetics containing harmful chemicals
  • Dandruff
  • Improper hair care routine
  • Poor or improper diet
  • Not providing required attention and care to your hair

Ways to Prevent Damaged Hair

Well, now the damage has been done, so is this the end of our Rapunzel’s lookalike soft, smooth and long hair??? Thankfully, damaged hair is not a life sentence! One can actually get bail from this short term sentence with the use of some natural and effective remedies.

Some Natural Treatments to repair Damaged Hair…

Hair can be damaged quickly, but making them back alive in a good health may take some time. Yes, this is a time taking task, but not an impossible one! Here are the natural ways:

  • Coconut Milk

This serves as the perfect option for repairing the damage. Coconut milk absorbs into the deep layers of your scalp and helps in nourishing the tissues. A soft hand massage with this can help in preventing hair damage as well as hair fall.

  • Oil Massage

Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil or almond oil are some of the really effective treatments for hair damage. Heat the oil at a normal temperature before massaging it on your scalp. Now leave it for half an hour over your scalp and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

  • Opt for a Nutrient rich Diet

Maintaining good hair comes along with maintaining a healthy body. As a part of your body, the hair also get affected with what you intake. Consumption of fruits, proteins, vegetables, nutrients, vitamins, water and Omega-3 fatty acids can get your damaged hair follow the road of recovery.

  • Trim it Up

In case your damaged hair appears like a straw, then it’s time to take some steps towards its cure. Don’t fret, you really don’t have to chop them off, but you can leave some length and can treat the remaining damaged ones.

Apart from these natural ones, there are some other ways also to bid bye-bye to your damaged hairs.

Other ways to prevent Hair Damage…

  • Pick up the Right Choice

Damaged hair can also be treated well with the use of carefully selected shampoos and conditioners. Always go for the use of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for repairing the damage. These contain the use of natural oils and herbs which helps in repairing damage from the roots. A gentle shampoo with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5 can serve to ease. One can get such hair care products online easily.

  • Use Treatment Masks

The application of hair masks can serve as an aid to your damaged hair. This hydrating treatment has restorative and moisturizing ingredients including keratin, olive oil, protein and shea butter. Apply this treatment atleast twice a week for desired results.

  • Say No to Hair Color

Please do not add more damage to your hair, if you are already suffering from the same. Hair coloring includes the use of harmful bleaches which can further damage your hair. However, later on, after your repaired damage, you can go for hair color including ammonia-free and demi-permanent formulas.

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Although these useful practices can get the job done, but you should also make sure that you wave a final goodbye to your damaged hair.

Tips to Prevent the Welcoming of Damaged Hair

Do you curl or iron your natural looking hair? Do you wash your hair on everyday basis? If yes, then YOU are the one, who is to be blamed for your damaged hair. Now, look into the mirror and take pledge not to turn your healthy locks into unhealthy or damaged hair by avoiding the following habits:

  • Stop brushing your hair harshly.
  • Protect your hair with scarves or hat in summers
  • Opt for the natural air blow drying of your hair rather than the use of dry blowers.
  • Do not try to curl or straighten your hair when they are wet as they will be more prone to damage then.
  • It is recommended not to wash your hair on a daily basis. Washing them twice a week is OK as it will help in restoring your natural scalp oil.
  • The constant brushing of hair leads to friction which further leads to hair loss. You need to stop this habit to avoid split ends or any greater hair damage.
  • If you are fond of ponytail or braids, then it is advised to let your hair fall down purposely. Try embracing your hair in a loose manner to give them some air to breathe.

I am sure, you must have noted down all the methods and suggestions in your mind. So, from this time onwards, do not fall into the trap of any hair damaging habit. Take care!


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