The outcome of ban of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 currency notes in India is CURRENCY DEMONETIZATION! In short, it can be stated that being cashless is the trending issue faced by citizens of India. However, this must not hamper our shopping needs. Buying out useful kitchen appliances for your beloved, gifting stylish apparel for your daughter on her birthday or purchasing an air purifier for the good health of your family are few essential things which cannot be compromised even during this time of cash crunch.

But do not worry more about it! We, KashMate are here to help you out with this unfortunate scenario of cash crisis. Now you can buy anything and everything from us without using #Cash. You can use #PaytmKaro, #CreditCard or even #DebitCard for #CashFree transactions on #KashMate. However, just like “‘अच्छे दिन’, “अच्छी चीजें” just don’t end over here! KashMate genuinely understands the cash crunch scenario of these current days; hence we offer a wide variety of reputed brands at #DiscountedPrices on our website. You only need to pick your desired product from us and pay in the form of cash along with credits, where cash is just 30% of product’s MRP. We basically work on the concept of listing out products on 30% cash and 70% credits of the product’s MRP. In this away, you not only save cash, but you also get some really good stuff in your affordable range.

There is no limit to human expectations and wishes and hence, we understand that and that’s the reason we introduce the virtual currency “KashMate Credits”. Everything on our site is listed & sold for KashMate Credits (1 credit = 1 INR) or combination of some cash & credits. So, for free credits, just sign up yourself on KashMate and earn FREE shopping credits worth Rs 500 from us. Another option to earn free credits is to sell out your old and used stuff on our website and you can earn upto 2250 free credits in your account.

Moreover, you can also earn 15% extra from other marketplaces. However, if this is still not enough for you, and you need more free credits (which obviously you need wink) then you can also refer us to your friends and known ones, and earn upto 10,000 free credits. You can check out our offers, various hot offers dealing with customer’s benefit on our website.

So, save money and pick the latest trend from KashMate.com without dealing in cash!

Article Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/kashmatecom/go-cashfree-on-kashmate/376316242719962


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