‘Indian government declares Delhi air pollution an emergency’…Delhi Chokes On Air 14 Times More Polluted As Diwali Smog Clouds India’…

I have been reading such news from past 3-4 days. I guess we all are worried about the quality and purity of air we are inhaling. The existence of Particulate matter (PM) in the air is posing a threat to our health as well as wellbeing. The worst part about this air pollution is that it does not stop at our doors and windows, but it follows us indoors too. Be it a dense urban city or a rural town, indoor air pollution is growing as a major problem for all types of homes. Most people are recognizing outdoor vehicle pollution as the real problem, but there are many causes of indoor air pollution too that are posing a threat to our health:

  • Combustion sources: gas, kerosene, oil, tobacco smoke and wood stoves or fireplaces
  • Building materials: pressed wood products, insulation, cabinetry, carpet
  • Chemical products: personal care products, pastes, cleaning products, glues
  • Outdoor sources: outdoor air pollution, radon, pollen, pesticides
  • Other: pet dander, virus, mold, dust mites

As per Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is ranked as the top environmental danger faced by public. It is also stated that the PM2.5 pollutants present in air leads to increase in the rate of premature death or may even lead to cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Although we purely can’t eradicate air pollution from our homes, but some measures can be surely taken for its control. Here’s what can be done:

#TIP 1 – Let the Fresh Air Come In


Open the windows for at least 5-10 minutes everyday. It will help in lowering concentrations of toxic chemicals as well as carbon dioxide.

#TIP 2 – Keep your Home Clean


Use a doormat to prevent dirt from entering home. Also do mopping and vacuuming floors at least in a week.

#TIP 3 – Place Air Filtering Plants at Home


Houseplants like English ivy, Variegated snake plant, Peace lily or Florist’s chrysanthemum helps in eliminating harmful toxic agents.

#TIP 4 – Stay Away from Synthetic Fragrances and Smoke


Synthetic Fragrances including air fresheners must be kept at bay. A cigarette contains 4,000 different chemicals; hence it should be lighted outside the home.

#TIP 5 – Switch to the use of Air Purifiers


The convenient and easiest way to prevent indoor air pollution is to opt for a good air purifier. Opt for the use of air purifiers or HEPA filters which ensures the removal of PM2.5 particles.

As we understand the benefits of drinking healthy water, we must also pay same attention towards inhaling pure and clean air.


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