Online shopping has been present in India for a while now with companies such as,,, etc. and many other such newbie’s entering the online market place at a time when the end consumer was not too biased towards the need to shop online at the convenience of his/ her home and would instead rather go their nearby market place for what they need. The regular marketplace offered what the online marketplace could & can never offer- touch & feel of the product. But with good advertisement, lucrative offers, consistently good after sales services and earning the trust of the customer has made the e-commerce market space a huge and roaring success.


The need to keep the customer coming back to the online market space has brought yet another competitor with a brand new avatar in the form of that aims at offering something different from all of its competitors and is also creating a new market space altogether-

The Cashless Market

Apart from offering thousands of products, a good brand value, excellent after sales service, the convenience of home shopping- they offer something Extra. Unlike the regular e-commerce websites such as the ones mentioned above who offers an option of paying online or Cash on Delivery or payment by Credit Card/ EMI’s while buying the product- offers the option to pay by KashMate Credits- Each KashMate Credit is equivalent to a Rupee (1 Rs.) in value and needs to be used for payment in full or in part up to a Maximum of 30% Cash Payment and the rest being paid in KashMate Credits.

And before you get thinking- No these Credits are not like the Gaming Credits that you need to purchase while playing your game for powering up your player. These Credits can be earned by selling what is lying as un-used at your Business or your Home within minutes and in Exchange you get to buy what you need from KashMate which is being offered with Great Deals..!!

While you may want to sell the entire product for Cash but currently KashMate allows 30% of the price to be charged in Cash with the balance being paid in KashMate Credits. These Credits are Completely Redeemable, are Valid for a Lifetime and allow you to choose from a wide range of products on offer at

The online marketplace is definitely changing at a fast pace, and it seems that is not only ready to take the competition head on but is also looking at itself in terms of a pioneer towards the Cashless marketplace because truth be told- WHO DOESN’T LOVE NOT SPENDING CASH AND STILL GETTING A BANG OUT OF HIS BUCK


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