In the world full of maladies, everyone is struggling hard to maintain a healthy life. Are you one of those? If so, we have something that might help you enhance your health regime. Just as eating healthy food is important, keeping a track of your health is essential either. But how to do that is your question, right? Don’t worry! KashMate gives you a perfect solution.

Among the most popular and widely known healthcare wearables are the fitness and sport activity trackers. Here, at KashMate, we provide you various fitness bands and pedometers of brands like XOOFER and Portronics.

Best Products to Buy

This efficient band has the smart functions of Pedometer, Distance Monitoring, Calorie Monitoring, Sleep Tracker, Caller ID, SMS and Anti Loss Functions. So, either you are jogging early morning or simply sleeping at night, wearing this fitness band gives you an estimate of your calories burnt, distance covered, sleeping time etc. Apart from keeping a track of your daily routine, this fitness band looks funky as well. Here, at KashMate, you get three different color options so you can choose the best one for you.


Another health tracking device that we refer is this 3D Pedometer from Portronics. All your step related activities like walking, running and stepping are tracked with this device. Not only this, it enables you measure weight loss as well. Just pocket-it, bag-it or dock-it, anytime anywhere.


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